Summer is coming to an end which means the leaves will start changing, the weather will begin cooling and everyone will be spending more time inside our homes.  It may also be the time of year when homeowners begin wondering if it may be a good time to move.  Many sellers think that fall is a bad time to put their home on the market but, as real estate experts will tell you, that’s simply not the case.

Autumn is typically a popular time of year for corporations to relocate associates, which creates a pool of buyers who need to make quick decisions about housing.  These buyers will be serious about purchasing and, with fewer houses on the market and less competition for sellers, a home for sale may get more attention than it would any other time of year.  So what can homeowners do to make sure their home sells before all the leaves fall off the trees?

Here are a few helpful tips.


  • Highlight the location.  Bring the benefits of the location front and center.  Establish a list of perks that the property offers, such as proximity to public transportation, schools, shopping, recreation or entertainment.
  • Use the season for curb appeal.  Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year and by using that advantage, a home can stand out from others in the neighborhood.  Leaves turning shades of crimson and gold can add extra appeal to the total look of the home’s exterior, but they can also get out of hand.  Make sure trees and shrubs are properly groomed and that fallen leaves don’t suffocate the front lawn.  Add pumpkins, gourds or a fall display to the front porch to invite in potential buyers. 
  • Stage your home.  Buyers need to be able to envision themselves living in the home before they will consider buying it.  By de-cluttering, de-personalizing and thoroughly cleaning the entire house, prospective buyers will immediately imagine their furniture in the rooms and photos on the walls.  Also, don’t be afraid to liven up the home by bringing the outside indoors during this beautiful season.  If the dining room is a sea of beige, set up a vase of twigs, leaves or acorns from your yard.
  • Get everything in tip-top shape. Buyers will most likely hire an inspector before closing, so talk to a Realtor about finding one who’ll visit your home before you put it on the market to avoid any surprises.  Pay close attention to elements around the home that are important in the fall.  For example, make sure gutters are cleared of fallen leaves and that fireplaces are in working order.
  • Know the home for sale.  Access to real estate information on the Internet means that buyers are walking into the home more educated than ever.  Take the time to review similar homes on real estate websites like or  The listing agent will also be up to date on the conditions and price ranges of other homes for sale in the area.  This will allow better negotiation with potential buyers.
  • Hire a tech savvy Realtor.  Living in an age when nearly everyone owns a cell phone and 90 percent of home buyers use the internet during their home search has an impact on these decisions.  Instant information and communication have become the norm in our society, so Realtors are taking advantage of today’s tech tools to reach prospective buyers quickly and effectively. A tech savvy agent will work with cell phone applications, Websites, digital cameras and much more to be able to connect with the right buyer for individual homes.

Despite what rumor may say, this time of year offers plenty of opportunity to sell a home.  By taking a few simple steps to make sure houses are ready to hit the market, sellers can better prepare themselves for what is to come.  After all, the more welcoming the home is to possible buyers, the more welcoming it will be to offers.