Just over two years ago, Coldwell Banker embarked on creating a channel solely for real estate video that exists on YouTube. It is called Coldwell Banker On Location and it’s a place to search for videos of real estate listings, communities, agent videos and more. With tens of thousands of videos uploaded, over 2.5 million visits to the channel and millions of video views later, it is clear the right move was made.

Video has been and will be an essential part of marketing a home and giving consumers the best information possible when they’re in the real estate shopping process. A recent infographic put together by Postling, which was featured on Mashable, made Coldwell Banker reflect on what the company had done and what the company is going to do in the future when it comes to video.

The infographic had an impressive statistic when it comes to how real estate customers view the importance of video (see portion below). The study showed that 73% of homeowners are more likely to list with a Realtor offering to do a video, yet only 12% of the Realtor population is doing video.

Many Coldwell Banker Colorado agents are already harnessing the power of video as part of their marketing platform. Knowing the power of video as a company allows for a deep commitment to continue building on what Coldwell Banker has already started which includes a TV show dedicated to company listings. This is an advantage offered by Coldwell Banker and Coldwell Banker alone.

Video is now a part of every facet of the Coldwell Banker platform. From coldwellbanker.com to Coldwell Banker On Location to the recent iPad app, video is taking center stage.

Just to show how far video reaches within the Coldwell Banker network…here’s a video from a Coldwell Banker listing in Sydney, Australia. Video is global in reach and universally important to today’s real estate consumer. By the way, be sure to check out the black mosaic pool. It’s pretty impressive.

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